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I've never looked at owning a Mobile Home, but I found that they are so much more affordable than site-built houses.  Debbie and Bob were very helpful and were there every step of the way.  I am now the proud owner of a new home and couldn't be happier.  R. & A. McNamee

My husband and I have been renting an apartment for 6 years.  Our family is growing and it was time to buy our own home.  Since it was our first, we had a ton of questions, Ken and the team at Gold Coast were very patient and answered all of them.  We love our new home.  Y. & C. Maness

We listed our home with Debbie and Ken and within 2 weeks we had 2 offers.  Our home sold and the process was very quick and painless.  T. & J. Simonton

I like the fact that when I call, I get to talk to a real person, or they return my call very quickly.  Usually though, they call me first.  J. & G. Nicholls

I found my dream home.  I've been looking for 4 years and finally found it.  Everyone at Gold Coast was extremely helpful.  M. Washington


Insurance Information
Insurance Regulations & Requirements

  Basic Requirements

  Some Lenders require that all borrowers provide proof of physical damage insurance 
  coverage on their manufactured home for the life of the loan. The coverage may be
  referred to as a "homeowners policy," a "homeowners policy with mobile
  (manufactured) home endorsement" or simply a "mobile (manufactured) homeowners
  policy." This insurance requirement provides protection to both the borrower and the

  Minimum Coverage Physical damage coverage should meet the following criteria:
Coverage must be a comprehensive, "all risk", as opposed to "named peril" policy. A
  policy that is "all peril" with a specific deductible for "wind/hail," "earthquake,"
  and/or "hurricane" is the only acceptable exception to this policy.

  Policies must provide:
Replacement cost coverage on all homes 15 years old or newer (except in NC), actual
  cash value coverage on homes 16 years or older. For retail contracts, minimum
  dwelling coverage equal to the loan amount excluding prepaid finance charges. For
  land/home contracts, minimum dwelling coverage equal to the loan amount excluding
  prepaid finance charges, land, and land improvement costs. The policy term must be
  at least 12 months, except in the state of Florida where the policy term must be at
  least three months. The deductible for a "comprehensive" policy cannot exceed $500.
  Flood coverage must be provided if the home is located in a Flood zone. Verification
  that the home is not in a flood zone is required.

  The policy and/or binder must meet the following criteria:
Must be underwritten by an insurance company rated B+ or better by the most recent
  version of Best’s Key Rating Guide, Property-Casualty, United States. Must provide
  evidence of property insurance.

  The following is acceptable proof of insurance:
Since it's possible to finance the first years premium, the lender only requires a
  binder showing coverage.
  Prepaid insurance – A binder or application indicating "Paid" (or a separate receipt)
  and including at least one of the following:

  A statement similar to the following:

  • "Coverage is bound" or "This is evidence that. . .insurance has been issued.
  • The issuing agent's signature.
  • Financed Insurance – A complete application signed by the agent and indicating explicitly that coverage is bound.





Gold Coast Mobile Home Sales is not an Insurance Provider.